Chef David Ruiz

Photos of chef Ruiz courtesy of the Pueblo Harvest Cafe.

Chef David Ruiz is the executive chef at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe in the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque and co-owner and founder of 505 Food Fights.  While the goal of this podcast is to elevate Native voices, I wanted to feature David Ruiz because he’s the executive chef of this Native restaurant. There aren’t many Native restaurants out there and some Native people criticize the fact that a non-Native is running this Native restaurant. So in this podcast extra, we talk about the new menu at the cafe, his process for learning about Native food and the work he does to help the community.


Some dishes from the Alaska Brewing Co. pairing dinner on Aug. 23. Andi Murphy photos.


Photos from the 505 Food Fights match on Thursday, Sept. 14 at the Pueblo Harvest Cafe. Andi Murphy photos.