Dr. Kalama Niheu. A screen shot from her Aug. 5 video update. Title photo by Alisha Murphy.

The non-Indigenous owners of Aloha Poke Co., a Chicago-based restaurant, trademarked the words “Aloha Poke” and became the new face of cultural and food appropriation. In this episode, Dr. Kalama Niheu (Kanaka Maoli) talks about how a long history of cultural appropriation allows for this to continue to happen to Indigenous people, the problem with paradise and how the popularity of poke took this traditional food to interesting and scary places.


  • Native America Calling Aug. 6 episode about trademarking Indigenous words and images featuring Dr. Niheu and Tasha Kahele.
  • A protest is planned for Aug. 15 at the Aloha Poke Co. location in Chicago.