Toasted Sister Podcast

Radio about Native American food


After contact, Indigenous foodways and knowledge were devastated, destroyed and replaced with foods that are far from the people. So today, I’m talking to Native chefs and foodies about what Indigenous cuisine is, where it comes from, where it’s headed and how it’s used to connect them and their people to their origins and traditions.

This bi-monthly podcast is hosted by me, Andi Murphy. I’m Navajo from Crownpoint, New Mexico and I currently live in Albuquerque.

Toasted Sister Podcast is supported by the Koahnic Broadcast Corporation. It’s affiliated with Native Voice One. It plays regularly on Navajo Technical University’s KCZY radio station.

The intro and outro music was created for Toasted Sister by CW Ayon (Cheyenne) of Las Cruces, New Mexico. I specifically asked CW for his contribution because his music reminds me of the time I fell in love with food. I would drive around Las Cruces with my sister listening to CW Ayon while looking for new places to eat. I was a food writer and photographer there for a few years so CW’s blues became my foodie theme music. Check out hisĀ website and music.

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